I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur.

I've been fascinated by computers and what they can do from a young age. I still remember seeing one for the first time and telling my mother I wanted to become a software engineer when I grow up.

However, it's only when I got into university that I had the chance to start realizing this dream. It's also at this moment that I was introduced to the world of startups. Since then I've been focused on what I do best, building software products.

Nowadays I'm an independent consultant and startup founder. My career as CTO in the past 5 years taught me the most important thing for a successful startup is to relentlessly focus on one single thing: Build things people want, fast.

I work closely with founders who share my belief that great product requires care at all levels. Showcasing your shining startup is great for PR but what's even better is having people using it. And for that you have to understand your users and build exactly what they need.

Born in Taiwan and grew up in France, my current base is Berlin, Germany. I travel and work with companies across the world so feel free to reach out with your project ✌️





Grandpal (Techstars 2020)

Co-founder & CTO

Schlouk Map

Co-founder & CTO