Expert product engineering for startups.

I work with early-stage technology companies to bring their strategic vision to reality. My engineering work is different from agencies or freelancers in these ways:

  • Everything about my engineering process has been optimized for opportunities and constraints of startups, creating value for end-user, enable fast iteration and increase efficiency.
  • It is a highly integrated service; instead of working with multiple contractors you get direct access to an expert who can bring your product from design all the way through execution.
  • I want to deeply understand your business so I can offer you the most adaptable and extensible solution for your current situation and beyond, it's like solving a puzzle for me.

I offer free product strategy consultation for companies of all size.


Each service will be tailor-made to your current needs and your startup's business model.

Up and running

For the ambitious founder who wants to build a great foundation for what's to come.

A solid foundation is the basis enabling fast iteration required to reach escape velocity. Together we'll build the technical platform on which you can quickly prototype and validate assumptions about your business. I'll help you set up not only the MVP but also anything ranging from marketing pipeline to cloud infrastructure.

Product-market fit

For the founding team who wants to iterate fast and reach product-market fit without distraction.

Product-market fit, the holy grail of every early-stage startup is your only focus and you want to find it as fast as possible. You know you'll need to question and validate all aspects of your business efficiently. However, selecting and prioritizing which feature to build and test is not an easy task, this is where most companies lose track, distracted by all the false opportunities. I'll help you focus on important KPIs and translate them into product features that can be built and tested quickly, saving you time and headache.

Scale it up

For the company who wants to hit the gas on the growth pedal and scale their business.

You are feeling the traction, the signs that tells you you are on the right track. You've found the secret sauce, but how to keep it and make it even better? To grow you'll need to iterate faster while things gets messier. I'll help you recruit technical team members and manage software complexity making sure everyone can collaborate efficiently.

Schedule your free consultation

No matter your background or industry I'll try to make our interactions valuable to you.

In this first call our goal is to get to know each other, you'll have the opportunity to share anything you want about yourself, your business and your biggest challenges. I'll do the same and hopefully give you some feedback to help you with your current goals.

After our call, if we agree there's a fit between us we can schedule a follow-up call to talk about potential collaboration and other details.

Free product strategy consultation

I'm looking forward to our chat!